Tabula Rasa is something that does not exist, it’s just another unexplained theory, this theory is debating the knowledge and individuals behaviour by saying that every individual comes in this world as a ‘blank state’ or a blank tablet/book and every experience that we as individuals encounter in our lives is building up our knowledge or character.

This theory inspired me to create this booklet and my purpose was to make every page a new experience, even the book itself I wanted to be a whole new experience. In my whole process of creating this booklet I used different mediums like digital photography, analogue photography and writing. I was looking at Ren Hang’s work and, his photography was obviously a fiction, after looking at his photos I was hooked because I loved the abstract of his photos and I searched his poems as well so I can say that Ren played a good source of inspiration to me in this project.

The handbook is self-explanatory, it says everything in it, except for the photography part which is a little bit abstract, the text comes along to provide an explanation to the behaviour related in the photographs.

As I don’t usually like to alter my images digitally in order to produce a real thing, I wanted to find a method to alter them in reality, at first I had no idea that I will use fire but this explains the way of presentation, the only question that this book needs to raise it’s: What would you do if you would find this on the street? And every person is meant to edit and alter the book in any way they want, based on my subject theory, every new experience defines us. Obviously, every photo from the book is a fiction but It’s documenting this theory somehow.