I took these pictures in my holiday in Romania, I knew I was about to meet new people and I wanted to document them, as I do love to make portraits I wanted to explore how they communicate, I wanted to get to know them more and to remember some aspects of their behaviour and characteristics so I kind of wanted to ‘profile’ them for my personal memory.

PEOPLE IN PLASTIC SLEEVES is a project where I used different items to help me remember and capture the behaviour of new people who somehow, they became my friends afterwards and some of them were already good friends.

These are some of their moments of being them, as they are, as I tried to capture their behaviour and not their looks, these photos are instants.

I used my camera as it was a point and shoot even though it’s not. As people are very comfortable around me and my presence doesn’t bother them for being them, I tried to create a bond with them through these pictures. This project helped me discover that through photography you can actually get to know people very well.