Artist Statement

If you are shifting through time, space, various emotions with a speed of one single thought trying to find your home in a trapped mind where would you be? 

By picking up this book you will find out that there’s no place that can feel like home for an individual who is a nomad of thoughts, memories, patterns and emotions and in the same time He stays so authentic that wherever He goes, whoever He might meet or encounter in His life or no matter how much the concept of HOME changes for Him, He will always find His home in His own self. 

This is how an individual trapped in limbo feels, full of hope and authenticity but without a specific place to point and say ‘Yes, this is my home’, no matter where you are, no matter how you feel, no matter how many friends you might have or how many homes you’ve been inside, this won’t change the fact that this individual feels home inside his own self.  

Try and see through His eyes, come inside Him, please feel like HOME.